About QCD

Queen City Drinks is a community-based blog where whoever wants to has a place to rabble-rouse on anything concerning beer, spirits, wine, etc. It primarily focuses on the greater Cincinnati-area, but is not limited entirely to it. You’ll see a lot of drink reviews, looks at bars and drink-focused restaurants, pointers on approaching things like beer/spirit tastings and dinners, and good deal of opinion. Sometimes you’ll like these opinions and sometimes you won’t. Such is life.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, we have an open door policy for contributions to QCD. If you’re interested, but feeling apprehensive, don’t be. If you’re interested in writing something once every other day or every other month, we’ll be happy to have you. Likewise for those all those in between. I created Queen City Drinks with the intention of giving those who think it would be fun to post about beer, wine, and/or spirits, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up and maintaining their own blog, their own little place on the interwebs to be part of.

Queen City Drinks will not be full of puff-pieces, which means that sometimes some local businesses’ products won’t appear in the shiniest of light. If you’re one of the businesses this happens to, it’s not personal. As local consumers we have an incentive for your to produce the highest-quality products possible, so consider it “constructive criticism”. All of our authors are more than happy to discuss their posts with you, regardless of whether your business appears in a positive or negative light in them.

With all of that in mind, feel free to comment, criticize, complain to us via Twitter at @QueenCityDrinks, Facebook, email, or leaving comments in any of the posts.


The Queen City Drinks Team


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