Beer Review: MadTree Gnarly Brown

This review of MadTree’s Gnarly Brown brings my reviews of their current can lineup to an end, having previously discussed PsycHOPathy and Happy Amber. All 3 of these brews should be available across the entire greater Cincinnati area at better beer sellers and a variety of other places. I scored this Gnarly Brown at the Village Wine Cellar in Lebanon where they also had PsycHOPathy.

Description on the side of the can:

Specialty malts bring intimidations of brown sugar and vanilla which meld into the Gnarly’s character. Roasted coffee malt flavors and residual sweetness dance in harmony, obscuring the line between brown ale and porter.

Brewery: MadTree
Beer: Gnarly Brown
Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 7%
Calories: ~200

Dark brown color that turns a beautiful dark amber-brown if you hold a LED light right up to it. Head is a decent size of dark tan bubbles.

Very malty aroma with roasted coffee and a mixture of chocolate and hints of caramel and nuts, kinda reminds of a snickers bar (which I love). Also picking up a bit of earthy hops to balance out the smell.

Complex flavor with brown sugar, nuts, coffee bitterness. Strongly reminds me of stouts and porters but with lighter flavors. Kinda like a stout-light or something.

Very carbonated mouth feel that coats everything with bubbles. Medium light body and slightly slick lingering feelings.

This is my least favorite MadTree so far, it’s not a “bad” beer by any means just not really my cup of tea. It’s interesting, complex, and enjoyable but not amazingly so in any means. While this the aroma, flavor, and body convey no sense of the alcohol I am beginning to feel a bit of it after finishing the can. I try to prioritize content over covers that said I do dig the can, the ring of text around the top is nice “Gnarly by nature, Gnarly by choice, Can you dig it?”

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4 responses to “Beer Review: MadTree Gnarly Brown

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  2. Did you have any bad residual taste from the can?

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