Beer Review: MadTree PsycHOPathy

MadTree Brewing has been around town for a few months now but only this week did they start canning their beer. As of the time this post is going up they only have PsycHOPathy canned but Gnarly Brown and Happy Amber will be filling the aluminium sometime in the next week or two. Shortly after that, around mid April, you’ll start seeing the cans pop-up around town! If you’re like me and impatient though then head on down to the brewery for a pint on draft and a 6-pack ($10) to take home!

If you follow other Cinci beer blogs you’ve no doubt already heard lots this week about MadTree. They’ve been on a bit of a beer blog spree which is great news for them and for our fellow beer bloggers! That said I’m not gonna focus too much on the brewery, if you want that info please check out our friend Brew Prof’s post MadTree cans roll off the line and make history. He did a fantastic job on that and there is only 1 thing he’s missing, a beer review!

6-pack of Joy!

Brewery: MadTree Brewing
Beer: PsycHOPathy
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.9%
Calories: ~200

Fantastic rich golden hues topped with a frothy head of white foam. The head slims down quick but sticks around and leaves lacing along the way.

Bountiful citrus hop aroma with loads of grapefruit and orange action. You can tell that this is a very fresh product, canned just 2 days ago after all.

Nice malt body balances all this hop action. Lots more delicious hop action here with plenty of orange citrus love. Bitterness is on the high side of medium but is not off putting at all. Even my wife tolerated it… and that’s a first for any IPA.

Super carbonated mouth feel, but not overly so, that costs your tongue in a scourging wave of bubbles. Body is on the light side of medium. This pairs great with the steak I grilled on this beautiful evening.

Overall a fantastic IPA and this is now my favorite local packaged IPA, a spot previously contested between Moerlein’s Northern Liberties and Rivertown’s Hop Baron. The 6.9% is pretty average for an IPA but a bit low in my opinion. However it’s low enough that I’m currently on my third and buzzed but not quite drunk yet. So I won’t say it’s sessionable .. but I won’t say it’s not 😉

Here’s hoping to much success for MadTree and hopefully a DIPA or better yet unfiltered DIPA in their future!



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11 responses to “Beer Review: MadTree PsycHOPathy

  1. I leave the beer reviews to the pros! That being said, an excellent review of an outstanding IPA.

  2. I think I still prefer 50West Coast to Coast in terms of local IPAs, but PsycHOPathy really is phenomenal too 🙂

    • Tom Aguero

      I’ve only had Coast to Coast once and I was already pretty well off at the time. Also when I posted this I was thinking of bottled/canned IPAs, so I’ve updated the post to reflect that.

  3. Chris Stevens

    At the moment, I’m pretty partial to 50W Punch You In The EyePA. You tried or reviewed that one yet? That being said, Moerlein Northern Liberties is high up on my list too or local IPAs. I’ve only had PsycHOPathy 2x so I need to get a few more under my belt before I can declare a personal fav.

    • Tom Aguero

      Punch You In The EyePA is pretty rocking. No I’ve never done a full review of it but I’ve had it a few times. When I posted this I was thinking more of bottled/canned beers and less of 50 West. But you and LoveBeerLoveFood reminded me of 50 West so I updated the post to specify my favorite packaged local IPA 🙂

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  5. Roger

    I had one of these at the ballpark today while watching the Reds beat the Nationals. It was a great beer that I expect to enjoy plenty of this summer.

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