Overturning Ohio’s 12% law

I meant to write this post awhile ago and it slipped my mind then Josh’s Shot Pour for today reminded me. As background for those from outside Ohio we are subject to a 12% ABV cap on all beer sold in the sate. Kentucky and Indiana have no such laws, which works OK for me as either is about a 40 minute drive. However it sucks for folks in Columbus who would really like some Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA at 18% but don’t want to drive 2 hours to hope to be lucky to get some at the Party Source. Now that we’re all up-to-date on the situation… on to the petition for change!

A petition was started on Change.org for the State of Ohio to change this law, no specifics other than increasing the cap. I signed that petition and I encourage all of you to do it as well. It’s already received sponsorship from a state representative but every signature on that petition will help. Also I strongly encourage you to contact your state representative (bottom left corner, enter your zip and it’ll show you who to call/email) and your state senator. The bill being put forward would raise the ABV cap to 21%, equal that of wine. While I’m tempted to say that’s too low the reality is that 21% only excludes a handful of beers like Sam Adam’s Utopias and whatever BrewDog is releasing this year to set the new record. Truly most beers come in around an average of 6 – 7% so even the 12% law allows most beers in, but damn do I love the 120 minute IPA and I’m sure there are many more I’m not aware of. Upping this limit would also allow our brewers to get more experimental. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Rivertown and Fat Heads both pumped out some high ABV beers to commemorate the passage of this law.

Beyond allowing us to drink more beer and get drunk faster it’ll also bring more taxes into our state. Currently I give my $10, or whatever, for a bottle of 120 to Kentucky and Kentucky takes their taxes out and Ohio gets screwed. We can change that and help our state out… sure the tax money will probably be wasted, but maybe some other tax money will go to increase education or build a shelter for homeless kittens. And this is the internet, and if there’s one thing the internet loves it’s kittens damn it! So do it for the beer, do it for the taxes, and do it for teh kitties!

My Kitteh

Anyway, please do what you can to help. Sign the Change.org petition, contact your state representative and state senator, tell your friends, share it on Facebook or twitter. Just spread the word and get the law changed!


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